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The Covid 19 Survival Guide For Hotel Industry- Hotel Marketing Agency

The covid-19 pandemic has hit many industries real hard and one of the most badly-affected is the hotel industry. Since containment of masses at home kept the hotels vacant for a very long time. It got a little better but the situation has started to worsen as we’re going through the peak of the 2nd wave of corona-virus. Being a Hotel marketing agency, we think that it’s our duty to share some information with the entire hotel industry.

Hotel Marketing Tips that should do right now

You already know that you need to keep the whole area sanitized and must not leave any single corner.

The whole staff should be wearing masks and they need to use sanitizers more often.

Before letting any customer enter your hotel, you must check their temperature with a thermal scanner.

Also, you need to bar every person from entering who’s not wearing a mask and should follow the same practice yourself.

Try to do all the bookings online and even avoid taking cash payment, ask the guests to pay through digital gateways.

The vegetable and all the raw materials have to sanitized before they find a place in the storeroom or the kitchen of your hotel.

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You should also be checking the temperature of your staff members before they enter the premises.

It is recommended that you keep some extra ration in your kitchen and do proper arrangements for their elongated stocking.

Being in the hospitality sector, you have to one step ahead in serving your customers no matter what. But this time, you need to do it while keeping everyone’s safety in mind.

We all are struggling to make good revenue and it’s impacting our ability to dispense full salary of our staff too. It is advised that you think of some other way to keep your staff employed and keep earning.

Get yourself and your staff vaccinated and be adherent to all the precautions unless the covid situation is totally controlled.

Don’t let the crowd get accumulated inside the premises of your hotel. At the time of receiving raw material, keep a minimum number of people at the reception.

Things hotels and resorts should do right now:

By adhering to these basics, you are able to get more chances of success in the long term. That’s correct, you may not be able to get a large number of customers right now, but you need to take it as a productive practice. Once the pandemic is over, your hotel will be able to stand tall and will be ready to face any kind of adverse situation in the problem.

It is the best time for hotels to learn revenue management and instill other practices that could help them do cost-saving. Also, you can learn you can do with a less number of people. If you are able to pass this time strongly, you can also get some more responses on social media and make your property popular in the digital space.

Whether you are getting a potential customer base right now or not, you can get more protective about yourself. Also, you get to have a positive outlook for the future of your business and the entire industry. With that, you get various advantages that prepare your venture for a number of challenges. When you do that, you give a very systematic approach to your hotel.

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