Best Hotel Marketing Ideas You Can Try Now

Best Hotel Marketing Ideas You Can Try Now

For any business to grow, a successful digital presence is needed. But it’s difficult to know which technique to use for our small businesses. Grow your business and its digital presence with our hotel marketing ideas to generate more revenue.

Along with your online footprint, your brand-new business website will convert your loyal customers. Every hotel business is at a different point in its digital marketing journey.

We’ve broken down their list of tools into categories ranging from essential tools to advanced platforms. It lets more seasoned marketers dive into the analytics and technical tweaks.

Only these digital marketing tactics won’t work for you alone; you also need to put in some extra effort. Let’s have a look at the best hotel marketing ideas.

What are the basics of hotel marketing?

First and foremost, we need a basic online presence to do any marketing ahead. You may think that these things will take time, but it doesn’t matter.

If your hotel is new to this industry, you should add unique strategies to your plan to execute. In this blog, we will share some innovative ideas for attracting guests, direct bookings, and reputation.

What’s best about it? All these ideas are cost-effective and don’t need planning or plotting. Try any one idea today, and you will get a surprise soon.

How to target visitors with personalized offers?

We always work against targeting new customers in our shop, but sometimes what happens is that we forget to focus on our repeat customers.

Don’t you think repeat customers are more important than new ones? We should focus more on them.

Gaining new customers and marketing to them is much more expensive than marketing to our existing customers, so we don’t need to put forth much effort here.

The possibility of selling to new customers is 20%, while the possibility of selling to repeat customers is 60%. Think!
Guests who are booking again for your hotel mean they loved it last time, and they have more chances to do bookings again.

Send a personalized email to your loyal guests. Give a little TLC to one that recognizes their loyalty.

In the email, you make the guest feel special. Craft a message for your VIPs in a tone that feels unique and appreciated.

As a cherry on top, offer a special promo code or freebie. Send rewards to the guest for their loyalty. Plus, your loyal guests will become your best salespeople.

Make a special offer to them that they might want to pass on to all their friends.

Why Appreciate Your Employees on Social Media?

Social media is a wonderful way for hotels to stay connected with repeat guests and forge brand awareness.

A remarkable interaction with your staff is more likely to encourage a guest to return than your furniture.

For instance, video content is good. You can make videos of your hotel, have appreciation campaigns with your employees, special guest pictures, etc.

When people see this content on social media, everyone wants to stay. Chances are to grow direct bookings from social media and attract new or repeated customers well enough.

What is a partnership with locals?

Google introduced this new feature for locals, and people are enjoying it a lot. I am not saying to connect as a local business, but the idea is good. But what I am proposing is to connect with other businesses.

This is an amazing marketing idea; give it some thought. Suppose your hotel doesn’t have a gym, partner with a nearby gym, and give some coupons or discounts to your customers for that nearby gym. It can be a spa or whatever the weak point of your hotel is, you can cover it like that.

It will further fill you up for more customer attraction. It won’t be a quick start, but begin chatting today with local businesses.

Think about it digitally. You can convert this relationship into a partnership and do guest blogging with them.

Connect your guests to the local ambiance and make them feel at home.

What is SEO Optimization?

People used to use the yellow pages, but that is no longer the case. Now you have some such tools available, with the help of which you can easily convert the physical presence of your business into an online one.

Google My Business is the biggest example of that. It allows you to optimize and promote your business profile and business website in Google search results and on Google Maps.

You can connect with your guests or customers with the help of Google My Business. Post updates to your business profile. See how guests or customers interact with your business on Google.

What are Referral Programs?

Are your customers enjoying your hotel’s services?

If your website visitors like what you have to offer, try some tools to make it easy for them to refer friends or family. It is one of the finest ways to spread the word about your hotel and reach new customers.

What do you gain from positive reviews?

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 49% of them would need at least a four-star rating to choose a hotel.

Outrank your competitors by boosting your positive Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews using our automated platform. This is a very effective hotel marketing technique to increase positive online reviews.

Final Words

As you now know about so many techniques, you can grow very fast. Get the word out about your hotel with these best hotel marketing ideas. You can now increase your direct bookings.

Apart from this, you can also hire an agency to do marketing for your hotel.

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