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7 Successful Hotel Marketing Ideas

7 Successful Hotel Marketing Ideas:- For hotels and restaurants, the year is like a rebirth. We all know that this industry was worst affected by the lockdown and a lot of people lost their jobs because. But things are now getting back to normal and hotels have again started welcome guests in large numbers. At such a time, it is very important that you take care of the hotel marketing services in India and use them wisely.

In India, the hotel business could be very profitable if done in the right way. When you team up with a professional marketer, they tell you how you can attract more customers in a lesser time. Also, you strategize every single activity in your hotel and ensure that your guests are feeling great about it.

Since it is a very special year for this industry, the measures and ideas also have to be very distinct. That’s why we are going to tell you about some marketing methods that are going to be very fruitful.

Successful Hotel Marketing Ideas

Make the Most of Cutting-Edge Technology

The best part about technology is that it is now cheaply and widely accessible through gazillions of cost-effective devices. From custom-built software to wifi access, digital payment systems, CCTVs, everything can be used deftly to impress the guests. Moreover, technology can be implemented in every single segment of hotel operations and can give you perfect results.

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It can even help you plan events and arrange things without making flaws. When you get familiar with some specific tools depending on your needs and make the best use of them, you ultimately end up impressing your customers.

Use Social Media Wisely

Social media is the most far-reaching and easily-accessible method to reach your target audiences. Therefore, using it wisely is not only recommended but essential. Not only do you have to be active on your social media handles, but you also have to post content that strikes a chord with the audience. Doing this is easier said than done and that’s why the biggest brands have to take the help of influencers and agencies for this particular job. You also need to use the topical posts intelligibly so people could remember you easily.

Focus on Rewards & Loyalty Programs

It might sound like an old-school idea but some things always remain fruitful. The rewards and loyalty programs let you increase the footfall of the guests on your property. It can even urge them to plan a tour specifically to redeem the points they earn. You just need to make sure that the rewards are distributed wisely and it’s a win-win deal for you as well as the customer. To ensure that, you have to work on this aspect very deliberately and work on distribution wisely.

Have a Great Website

Another trite idea that never seems to disappoint businesses. With an eye-catching website, it is possible for you to hold the attention of casual visitors and turn them into strong leads and customers. When developing a website for a hotel, you need to be sure about your prospective guests get what they are looking for. You have to engage them in a way that they end up booking a room or another service that you are offering. The sales funnel has to work perfectly and has to be thoroughly strategized.

Associate With Local Businesses

Whether it is a booking agent, vegetable vendor, or any other service provider, associating with local businesses is always wiser for hotels. You can get much more than timely services with them. Their recommendations and prolific networks can bring a sizable quantum of business. Also, when it comes to urgent situations, you would always find them more accessible. Local businesses can be a big catalyst in the growth of your hotel.

Basic Digital Marketing

This includes email marketing, SEO, and many other techniques that digital marketers deploy. You need to make sure that you promote your hotel with a sweeping strategy that works on every front. Things like emails and keywords can help your hotel gain more visibility. With these fundamental methods, it is possible for you to be more consistent in your efforts. In a long term, this approach pays off big time so be mindful of it.

Pay Attention to Guest Feedback

There’s a lot that you can know from the feedback. No matter how much you plan every activity, there can always be scope for improvement and your customer is that person who draws your attention toward it. There could be times when you receive poor feedback and that’s when you have to employ soft skills and think like a sycophant customer service representative. You have to make certain that every feedback is properly replied to and complaints are deftly handled.

How can The Cosmos help you become a successful hotel?

The Cosmos is a hotel marketing agency that has been in this niche for a very long time. We make it possible for every hotel to highlight its USP properly. Whether you have a small lodge near the station or a grand resort at the outskirts, we make the target audiences find your property. To make this possible, we take a comprehensive approach and ascertain that your hotel is gaining name and profits.

We equip your hotel with smart marketing practices along with smart applications that help you manage the revenue skilfully. Our seasoned professionals identify the pros and cons of your property and work accordingly on them. If you are thinking our services can be afforded by big hotels then you are entirely wrong. Our systematic and planned marketing solutions are available for every single hotel out there.

As hinted above, we can even turn the smallest hotel ventures into big successes. We can promote your hotel with a very limited budget as well. When we plan the marketing activities, we do it according to the dynamics of your hotel. We take a feasible approach and assure that the name of your hotel reaches its target customer.

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