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8 Ways to Promote Your Hotel with Social Media to Attract Customers

For hotels, it is very important that to be vibrant on social media. If you’re not doing it smartly then chances are, your hotel will never get the kind of attention you want. There are so many platforms and one may get overwhelmed after seeing the kind of efforts companies put to make themselves noticeable. With a hotel marketing company in India, it is possible to have a full-fledged strategy to make your property seen by the customers.

Ways that you should be employing in your hotel marketing campaign:

1# Making Your Brand Noticeable- This is very important, unless you make your brand seen, you cannot expect people to recognize it. To make this happen, you have to be diligent at showing different features of your hotel in the best possible manner. Also, you have to be more strategic at planning events and give more to all the different platforms.

Also, at the time of planning activities, you need to get some sizable aspects and choose experts to work with. When you do that, you get to see a great response from the people of all platforms.

2# Perpetuating Relationships With Audiences- You do that by creating relevant content and by doing some specific stuff that struck a chord with the audiences. Not only that, but you also have a more customized approach to posts. The inclination towards the influencers might get increased or decreased but you get to create some great market opportunities for your hotel or resort.

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When you are doing this, it is very important that you take care of all the priorities and subtle needs of your customers.

3# Reaching New People– Once you are in this business, you have to constantly try to reach more people so there is never a paucity of footfall in your hotel. To make this happen, you need to deploy all types of marketing techniques. Not only you have to be more agile in your approach, but you also want more scalable strategies too. At the time of executing these methods either on digital platforms or on physical ones, you have to go all-out.

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4# Focus on Direct Bookings Too– It is true that you will get many customers by being vibrant in the digital space. bBut that does not mean you can totally overlook the offline resources. Direct bookings are still a major way to get a large number of bookings for some big hotels. They can be made either through an agent or directly by customers over the phone.

You have to give all the options to your customers which would ultimately make your business more flexible and closer to success.

5# Add More Value To Your Service– When it comes to giving service, you have to be always one step ahead in your disposition. Also, you need to willing to go to the next level for becoming more hospitable. There are some great ways to accelerate the value of your service and the more innovative you are, the better results you can expect. Therefore, you need to be more conversant with the guests and have to keep transparency in your service too.

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6#Rope In Influencers– Influencers can do a fantastic job of bringing customers to your hotel. They already have many followers on different platforms and with some smart posts, it is possible for any business to bring these many people into their hotel. Not only that, you can actually have a more promising customer base when your venture is backed by a known face on social media.

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7# Be Consistent In Your Mails– Emails are a great way to reach thousands of customers on a regular basis. It also allows you to let the people know about the new offers that you are offering. When you follow this practice without a miss, it is easier for you to become a preferred option for the customers. At the time of choosing hotels, they will most probably pick you because they’re seeing you on a regular basis.

8# Strategic Planning & Execution– Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform, you need to properly plan the content before posting them. You need to remember that there are millions of hotels just like you and your posts will be unnoticed unless they engage audiences in an innovative and informative manner. You can also use topical posts, but you need to be very crafty with them.

The Cosmos is a team of seasoned hotel marketing professionals who have attributed the success of several ventures. With us, it is possible for any sort of hotel property to be more vibrant in their campaign. We deliver such results by being thorough in our approach and also by identifying the potential customer-based before laying out the strategy.

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