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Hotel Marketing Services – How to Increase Hotel’s Direct Booking and Revenue

In order to run a profitable hotel business, one has to make prolific plans and execute them with thorough perfection. This is not possible unless you work with professionals who have experience in this domain.

The Cosmos is a hotel marketing company in India that lets you achieve the biggest feats in the hospitality sector. We are a team of seasoned marketing professionals who have been working for the promotion of big and small hotels in India for many years now.

What do hotel marketing services include?

Hotel marketing is a blanket term that involves quite a few things to help a hotel property excel in its operations. From the digital market methods to the core hotel management practices, you get to see many things taking place. As you can surmise, it is not really a cakewalk to handle this job and deliver results that could raise the revenue of grand or small properties.

Let’s go through all the constituents of hotel marketing briefly:-

Core Hotel Operations– Whether it is brushing up the soft skills of the front office or streamlining the tasks in the kitchen. this could involve anything. As hinted above, hotel marketing is an all-encompassing concept that helps hotels get better at every front. When this is done with experts, you get the best results. And your hotel is able to perform exceptionally at every front.

Digital Marketing– This is another blanket term that includes so many different activities. From handling the social media accounts to optimizing the website content as per the SEO, this involves everything. When you team up with a reliable provider, they make certain your every digital platform. By which your hotel is represented, works perfectly.

Offline Booking- This is largely concerned with forming a prolific network of offline agents who could bring a potential of bookings. It’s true that we are going digital and a large number of bookings are done online. However, if you avoid offline booking, it would be a foolish move for any hotel owner. A smart hotel marketer ensures that offline booking agents work for you on decent incentives. They makes their best efforts to bring guests.

Revenue Management– When we talk about revenue management, it is much more than analyzing balance sheets quarterly. An effective revenue management system can bring more wisdom and planning into a hotel’s operations. It allows the hotel to use the proceeds wisely and streamlines every single activity.

Managing Events- That’s right, a hotel marketing service provider can extend its service to managing the personal and public events on the property as well. If the service provider is offering end-to-end solutions, then you can certainly expect this service as well.

Why should I choose The Cosmos over the other hotel marketing agencies?

The Cosmos is not just another hotel marketing agency that provides a limited number of services. It endeavors to make every venture phenomenal. That’s because we associate ourselves with your motto and take every project as a challenge. Being accomplished in this field, we are able to identify the pros and cons of every property. We work on minimizing the latter and maximizing the former.

With us, it is possible for every kind of hotel to outdo its competitors and emerge as a reliable brand for its target audiences. Even if you are running a small lodge, hostel, or a dormitory with a limited number of room and basic facilities, we can ensure that you customers are looking for an economical stay. We take a very flexible approach towards marketing and promote your property in the most suitable manner to the apt audiences.

The Cosmos help the hotels take the right stance when they are surrounded by fierce competitors. As we know that it is part of the job and prods us to perform better at every front. With our experts, you will be able to achieve the most remarkable feats sans wasting plenty of money or time. We come up with the most innovative ideas that make the promotion of hotels cost-effective and noticeable. We are a team of professionals who come from diverse lines of work within the hospitality industry.


The Cosmos is one of the hotel marketing companies in Delhi that you can trust for making your hotel venture an instrumental success. We make it possible with profound research and a versatile marketing approach that changes as per the nature and size of your property. With our plenary planning and pragmatic techniques, we bring results to every hotel venture.

If you have a new hotel that is struggling to make its name or an old one that is having a hard time to sustain the competition, we are here to take your property to its zenith.

If you have any query then connect with us on +91 9718284829

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