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How to Market a Hotel – Top Ten Tips for Marketing your Hotel

It is a very complex task to own and runs a hotel business. It gets even get a more hectic task when you need to focus on enhancing your direct bookings and wants to maximize your revenue. The hotel industry is the worst affected industry in the pandemic era.

You can only revive your hotel business after the pandemic by implementing an efficient hotel marketing plan. If you are confused about how to develop a hotel marketing plan, we are here to provide you with the top ten tips for marketing your hotel.

1. Target the Right Audience and Know Them

It is very significant for your business to ensure that you must choose your ideal customers very efficiently and with the utmost consideration. For instance, you must be clear about the fact whether you want your hotel as an ideal option for families or bachelors or for holding corporate parties or all. Also, you must know the needs and requirements of your target audience as it will help you in designing your marketing plan.

2. Hotel Website Should be User-Friendly

The website of your hotel is the exact reflection of what services and amenities you are providing. Having a user-friendly website is one of the best ways to promote your hotel. However, you must focus on the fact that the website of your hotel should be designed in such a manner that remains fast, reliable, and easy to use.

3. Show Some Uniqueness

As the hospitality industry has become highly competitive in the present time; it becomes very necessary to show some uniqueness about your hotel. This is a very important tip for framing your hotel marketing plan you must be showcasing the strength of your hotel through promotional campaigns on social media and other digital platforms.

4. Usage of Social Media

You cannot deny the fact that your potential customers are using different social media platforms. Social media has become an inseparable part of our life. If you are an entrepreneur owning a hotel business, you must create pages on social media and should use such online platforms to the fullest.

5. Focus on Enhancing Guest Experience

Mouth marketing is one of the best and most reliable marketing that would be helping in expanding your hotel business. For this, you must always focus on offering such exceptional and finest facilities and amenities at your hotel that they do not get anywhere. By getting these services, you will get positive reviews and the satisfied guests will recommend your property to their family members and friends.

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6. Spend More Marketing Budget During Peak Seasons

The marketing budget of your hotel should not remain the same for the whole year. While framing your hotel marketing campaign, you must consider the peak seasons according to your location and the people’s preference. For instance, if your hotel is located in Himachal Pradesh; the summer season would be a peak season for you as at this time only people will come to the hills to get some relaxation from the high temperature on the plains.

7. Hotel Pictures Should be Real and Attractive

Every hotel entrepreneur should always show real and attractive pictures of his property. This is one of the best ways to promote your hotel. For this, it is recommended that you should hire a professional photographer who knows the tactics of taking the finest photographs of your property.

8. Focus on You Competitors

As we have already discussed that hotel industry is full of cut-throat competition. Hence it is essential to give proper attention to the hotel marketing strategies of your major competitors. You should always be aware of the fact about what types of offers and services are provided by your customers to their guests and how you can improve to attract more guests to your property.

9. Give Your Customers Rewards and Offers

You can convert your guests to loyal customers by offering certain discounts or loyalty rewards whenever they stay at your property. Offering them rewards or giving them certain discount coupons can be an efficient way to promote your hotel business.

10. Don’t Just Promote Your Hotel, Also Promote its Location

You can become a success in doing great marketing for your hotel if you promote the nearby location. The majority of the guests don’t come only for staying at your location, they come to visit the nearby area. By making aware them of the nearby tourist spots; you will be enhancing your chance of more guests at your property.

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