Resolve Guest Complaints

7 Tips on How to Resolve Guest Complaints

You cannot deny the fact that without satisfied customers, your business cannot able to sustain itself for a long period. By this concept, it can be said that the customers will be the lifeblood of your business. Due to this fact, it becomes very necessary to resolve guest complaints as it would help you in satisfying your customers.

Customer service is very essential in each business, especially if you are owning a business in the hotel industry. Customer complaints are unavoidable even though you are running a customer-centric business as you cannot fulfil the expectations of every customer. The major areas in which a guest can complain are room cleanliness issues, the problem with the air-conditioning, poor room service, time-consuming check-in or check-out, trouble with the Wi-Fi etc.

However, you cannot ignore the complaints of your customers or your guests who stayed or visited your hotel. It becomes necessary that you should effectively resolve such complaints. For this purpose, through this blog, we will recommend to you some of the tips to resolve guest complaints that you must consider while dealing with any of the complaints.

Always Stay Calm

Even though it could be quite challenging, you must maintain calmness when responding to a guest’s complaint. This might be challenging, particularly in light of the likely great pride you take regarding your hotel.

It’s not a personal attack, therefore don’t take the complaint personally. The guest complaint will frequently point to a place where your hotel may make improvements.

Always Listen Thoroughly

When a guest approaches you with a complaint, it frequently indicates that they want to be understood. Even if the issue appears insignificant to you, they must think it is important because they took the effort to contact you.

You should always employ active listening tactics when speaking with your guests. Don’t assume you already know what the guest wants to express, and don’t ignore them either if you think they are unimportant. Listen to them out and focus on what they have to say.

Your guest will have time to cool down if you let them chat. Often, all it takes to address a problem is to listen to your guests and let them vent.

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Acknowledge the Issue

It is one of the most proficient tips to resolve guest complaints. After hearing the issue from the guest, acknowledge the issue and repeat the issue to the customer. Through this, they will understand that you listened and that you are aware of the issue if you paraphrase what they said and repeat it back to them.

Recognizing the issue does not imply agreement with the guest’s viewpoint; rather, it merely conveys that you are cognizant of it and appreciate its validity.

Apologize to Them and Thank Them For Contacting You

It may be difficult, but admitting your mistake and offering an apology to your customer can put you well ahead of the competition. It could be one of the major hotel strategies through which you can attain a competitive advantage.  Similar to recognition, expressing regret does not entail accepting responsibility or the customer’s point of view.

Although it may seem paradoxical, thanking your consumer for contacting you with their problem can also demonstrate that you’re constantly looking for methods to make your company better. It shows that you are willing to help them solve their problem and that you are aware of their perspective.

Ask Questions

If you are framing any of the strategies to resolve a guest’s complaint, this tip should be considered necessary. It’s your turn to take the initiative and gather all the details once you’ve heard your guest’s complaints and the person has had a chance to cool off.

You can now begin quietly seeking clarification with questions. Start a sincere dialogue with your customer. Being polite, paying attention, thanking, and apologizing will all help you win your guest’s trust.

Document The Responses

Complaints frequently contain unnoticed possibilities for enhancing your hotel services. By logging them, you can spot problems, problems, and trends. It can be a particular service flaw that has to be fixed right now.

In any event, be sure to keep a record of every guest’s grievance. You can discuss the concerns at monthly and annual meetings to get suggestions on how to resolve the problem if they are documented.

Take the Regular Follow-up

After you know about the issue, you must start the investigation to resolve the issue that he faced during their stay. It is necessary to take the follow-up from the particular guest whether their issue has been resolved or not. It would make a positive impression in the mind of guests that you are concerned about the resolution of the issue that they have faced.

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