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Top 5 Marketing Strategies for Resorts

A resort property needs to deploy many marketing strategies as they are meant to entertain their guests rather than just provide a room for a mere stay. Therefore, it is important for a resort to create an experience that goes beyond offering accommodation services and covers the whole range of services that a resort has to offer.

In India, resort properties are used for recreational purposes. Many of us like to spend an entire day or weekend enjoying a string of activities at a resort somewhere in a remote location. To ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience, they deploy a range of resort marketing strategies, such as advertising, promotions, and customer engagement activities.

To make sure that these kinds of experiences are truly memorable, resort properties need to employ effective marketing strategies. For which you need to team up with a Resort marketing company.

What are the best resort marketing strategies?

Hospitality properties should invest in a variety of resort marketing strategies to ensure that their guests have a memorable experience. As promised, let us get to exploring the top five prominent marketing strategies. These strategies can make your resort more popular than its competitors:

Be Easily Searchable Online!


You already know the significance of a well-planned website. But many times, it becomes hard to come up with ideas that could make the platform more appealing. If you work with a resort marketing company, this job can become easier than ever. That’s because they identify the right opportunities and help you make the most of them, too. You can emerge as a preferred choice for them if you have a perfect website that strikes a chord with them.

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Social Media

You know about the significance of social media, and we have discussed how you should approach content creation for such platforms above. And when we talk about social media marketing, you have to be more inclusive and recognize the right platforms that could put you in front of your target audiences. Also, you need to be very wise while posting comments and deal with the topical posts very cleverly to engage the audience.


You will make a big mistake if you miss this particular technique in your strategy. A well-planned SEO campaign will effectively promote your business among its customers. It will also allow you to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the audience. From using the keywords to establishing backlinks, every single activity needs to be executed by a hotel marketing company that has the necessary expertise and knowledge.

Hotel Marketing Strategies to Improve Offline Tactics

Create local alliances

The remote location of the property is not good for any business. For the hospitality industry, local businesses and attractions are important for drawing people in. Getting to know your neighbors is a good way to start building local alliances.

Establishing relationships with local business owners is a great way to form alliances and jointly promote your businesses, especially if you’re marketing a hotel as opposed to a chain. Local attractions and businesses can create a captive audience for the hospitality industry.

Location Marketing

Travelers are always thinking about where to go. There’s a good chance that future vacationers haven’t decided where to go yet. The place where your hotel or resort is located also should be marketed.

Location marketing, which focuses on the location of your hotel or resort, can be a great way to capture the attention of prospective travelers. Chances are, audiences attending local events can also opt for your resort property. This idea can be more creative, for which you should seek help from a resort marketing company.

Customer Service

Customer service always goes along with the marketing part. Going above and beyond with your customer service is such a beneficial technique. This will make your customers more eager to compensate by promoting solid website reviews, recommending their contacts, and some return visits.

In the early 21st century, customer service has become even more important as an effective tool to increase revenue. Ensure your staff has been trained with a customer-first mentality. Psychology says that exceptional customer service will make them share their experiences with others.


Resort marketing strategies will increase your bookings. Make use of the strategies listed above to get better advantages. There’s huge competition in the hospitality market, for which you need to follow these tips.

Hiring a resort and hotel marketing company is a critical task if you want more people to book your stay. We recommend hiring one of the best marketers to get you good help. The Cosmos is one such hotel marketing company in Delhi. They will help you overcome the biggest challenges when it comes to promoting your property.

We promote your property after thorough research and make its USPs prominent for every single audience. With us, you don’t just get guests on a regular basis; you also impress them and earn great word-of-mouth publicity.

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