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Top 7 Reasons Why Offline Travel Agents is still preferred by Hotels

When it comes to making your hotel property a big success in the time of cut-throat competition, it is a must that you associate with a best hotel marketing company that works with a network of offline travel agents. By working with these agents, you can tap into areas where the methods of digital marketing do not reach. The Cosmos is one such hotel marketing agency in Delhi that nails it and makes your hotel a popular choice for every prospective customer.

We work with a network of offline agents who are able to reach travelers from every socio-economic class. So whether you have a high-end hotel property or a small guest house with a few rooms, these agents are able to keep your facility fully-occupied even in the off-season. In this article, we are going to discuss 7 reasons that make offline travel agent important for every hotel.

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Here they are:

1.You can form long-term relations with them– That’s right, for offline agents building a relationship is very important because that’s what gives them surety of a long-term income. While it suits the offline agents, it is also very helpful for the hotels because you keep getting customers from them. To some, it could be bothering to keep paying commission, but you cannot ignore the fact they keep your rooms occupied most of the times and if you consider that, paying them is not a big issue.

2. They also excel in giving you corporate & bulk bookings– It is not just you with who they are associated, they keep relations with several other individuals and businesses. Therefore, if you have a banquet hall or a conference room, the agents are most likely to bring companies and individuals to host their conferences, marriages, and birthday parties. If you have a resort suitable for day outings, they can also get you many booking from corporate and individuals very frequently.

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3. They also give you best results for unique and off-beat properties– You might have a hotel at the outskirts of the city and think that it is very hard to customers to come here. With an offline agent, you might even have to make efforts on managing multiple booking. Those who are already in this domain can certainly corroborate this claim, the offline agents can even make a resort or hotel located at a distant location quite popular. They bring parties that can pay you for a variety of occasions and events.

4. They bring customer of high-value– Internet has become a source of getting cheap things and most probably, if you get a booking online, the guest will most probably just use the room without availing the other services such as food (if you are providing it). With offline agents, you get customers who want to avail maximum number of services that you provide and that happens because they themselves convince the customers to spend more money.

5. Bookings with travel agents have lower cancellation ratio– No one can deny this fact because the online facilities enable customers to cancel the service whenever they want and the consequences have to be borne mostly by the service providers. With offline agents, you don’t have to face such issues because the cancellation of a booking means a cut in their pay. They make certain that the customers they bring do not cancel the reservation and even if they are mulling over it, the agents are smart enough to convince them otherwise.

6. Booking with offline agents are hassle-free– While the online bookings seem quick and efficient for customers, they can give quite a few hassles to the owners. The customers are most likely to call you multiple times to clear their confusions in many things, they might also get very fussy sometimes and hotel staff may not be prepared to handle the situation. The offline agents ensure that the customers have no doubt in their minds and the bookings are done without any issues.

7. They can bring you guests even in off-season– That’s right, with offline agents you never have to worry about the off-season because they are usually in touch with several people who even visit the places in off-season. If you have a hotel in a hilly area and think that you are going to have vacant rooms in the winter, then get in touch with a smart offline agent, they can make sure that you have guests in your room in every month or season of the year.

The Cosmos understands the significance of offline agents and thus, it works with a chain of efficient and experienced ones that can get you customers in your hotel in any season or month irrespective of the location or specification of your property.

Market your hotel with The Cosmos and run a money-spinning business!

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