Why Do Hotels Still Prefer Offline Travel Agents?

Why Do Hotels Still Prefer Offline Travel Agents?

Have you ever planned out your family trip? or been on a business trip? People are going on long holidays that will take away their daily stress. But sometimes they do not have time to do all the planning for the vacations.

Many people these days depend on tours and travel agencies. So they do not have to worry about these things but can only enjoy them with their loved ones. Travel agencies are of two types: online and offline travel agencies.

Online travel agencies look super cool with their discounts to get things done quickly. Whereas offline agents seem more reliable to some people. Today, we are going to show you why these people do still prefer offline travel agents.

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Reasons why Offline Travel Agents are still preferred by Hotels

Long-term Relationship

Both hotels and offline travel agencies need long-term relationships. Every business needs long-term tie-ups for better growth. Hotels will get regular customers and income from this long-term relationship. Offline agents, on the other hand, will provide a long-term revenue base. With long-term relationships, hotels and offline travel agencies will benefit from the stability and continuity that such a relationship provides.

Travel Agency with a Physical Location

This is one of the biggest reasons why Hotels Still Prefer Offline Travel agents. These offline travel consultants can meet customers directly in person. Customers are likely to talk to them about their needs for where and how they want to vacate. These travel agents are well-versed in both large and small areas. So these travel agents can very well bring customers to the hotels they have tied up with.

Experienced Offline Travel Agents

As we know, these travel agents meet directly with customers, so the customers also know how experienced they are. Customers tend to place more trust in experienced offline agents. The more experienced the travel agents, the more customers they can attract to our hotels.

Fair Dealings

There are fraudsters everywhere. Online agencies tend to have more fraudsters than offline travel agencies. When using online agencies, customers cannot see who or where they are connecting to. Are they being cheated out of their money? That’s why customers mostly trust offline humans more.

Customers prefer to trust offline travel agents, as they can see who they are dealing with and ask questions before paying any money, as opposed to dealing with unknown online sources.

Personalized Services

This is always a concern when advising guests on how to get the most out of their vacation. The customized conversation allows your guests to be detailed about their demands and thoroughly personalize their holiday.

Customers are not obliged to adhere to a predefined service model and can proceed at their own pace. Hotels can also assist tours and travel agencies in providing these personalized services to customers.

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Saves Time

Time is money. This is especially true when your customers are making their travel arrangements. They must have gone through the tedious task of studying the internet for hours without coming to any significant conclusions.

An offline travel consultant gives convenient solutions to customers after their well-earned weekend and/or long working hours, right from exhaustive travel research, detailed planning, multiple comparisons, and tedious booking process to final payment and reservation, saving them significant time and effort.

Best Deals

Unlike online travel agencies, who sell at pre-set prices that may be obsolete, an offline expert is continually linked with hotels, airlines, and other businesses on a personal basis and has the greatest bargains to offer.

Offline travel consultants are more likely to open their cabinets to offer you the greatest value available, including incentives such as complimentary accommodation upgrades, etc.

Friendly approach with quick response and 24/7 assistance

Travel agents will come to the customers’ aid far sooner than online experts. If their booking or flight is canceled, or if they need to rearrange their plans, it is far easier to contact their offline travel agent, whom they can simply message or phone directly for a nice chat.

In comparison, previously customers had to wait for hours at an OTA’s contact center without receiving support. Most online agents have ceased speaking personally to their customers and now expect them to interact primarily through online applications and emails.

Final Words

Many people rely on tours and travel agencies because they do not have the time to plan a vacation. After reading this blog, we came to know why hotels should choose offline travel agents.

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