The Pushkar Bagh, Rajasthan


Located in the heart of the sand dune region of Rajasthan outskirt of the ancient city of Pushkar between Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Bikaner, the Resort is a hidden gem – very quaint and pleasant, a green oasis in the desert – designed and built in the style of a heritage Mahal (mansion) against the backdrop of a desert landscape.

Converting barren land into an oasis was not an easy task. Local architecture was studied at great length before formulating a design for Pushkar Bagh. You’ll see that the vernacular elements have been contextualized so that they can breathe and exude an ambience of desert ethos. Care has been taken to draw a distinction between imitation and inspiration. Subtly woven into this rustic expression are technology and services that offer comfort levels expected by the contemporary traveler. The intention to make the interiors warm and comfortable in contrast to the earthy and rugged exteriors has led to the blossoming of a boutique environment which has retained the original beauty and royalty of Rajasthan in its pink send stone structure. The ambience at once makes you fall in love with the place where a curious traveler would like to stay and break a long journey.

It is not a super luxury resort Yet, it offers most creature comforts that a modern traveller could wish for. Everything is very clean and tidy. Throughout the resort the atmosphere is relaxed and enchanting.

There are two courtyards where the only noise pollution is the chitter-chatter of birds, a restaurant and a bar that open into courtyard.. . It’s atmospheric to dine out in an open courtyard and feast on mouth watering cuisine that offers both local and world flavors while folk musicians set the tempo around a crackling fire

Beyond this are the living quarters called Rawla’s – an area that has cottages, thatched roof-top sit outs, swimming pool and massage rooms overlooking an orchid. Accommodation is in en-suite rooms which are cosy and comfortable, with doors that open onto their own little patios set amidst the greenery of trees and landscaping. The thatched roofs draw inspiration from the local ‘dhani’(the village hut). The interiors have smooth stucco plaster, patterned mosaic floors, customised furniture and rugs, traditional ‘Khats’ (charpoys) have been converted into sofas, curtains and bed covers have been custom made - all of them being very specific to this desert region of Marwar. The staff are all local boys who are very helpful, friendly and anticipate your needs .

Swimming Pool
Everyone loves our outdoor pool! Whether you’re starting your day with a refreshing dip or unwinding at the end of a long day, you can beat the heat without worrying about getting sand in your towel. If swimming isn’t your thing, the spacious pool deck is a great place to work on your tan.

Surya Mahal Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Get energized for a day of exploring Hotel Pushkar bagh with our delicious complimentary breakfast. Most hotels these days will give you a few pieces of toast in the morning and call it breakfast, but at Pushkar bagh, when we say breakfast we actually mean a full and hearty meal.

Conference Hall
The business and conference facilities at Pushkar Bagh will ensure that your next meeting or conference goes off without at hitch. Fully equipped with modern audio/video equipment and backed by our in-house catering staff, we can arrange to accommodate all of your group’s presentation and entertaining needs. Contact us for more information on how our friendly staff can build a customized event that your guests will be talking about for years.

Folk Dance
Folk is one of the most sensuous dance forms of Rajasthan. It is performed by the Kalbeliyas, the snake charmers community. The dancers wear long, black skirt decorated with silver ribbons. They spin in circles with great flexibility and the pace increases with the increase in beats.

Outdoor Sports
Cricket Kit, Volley ball Ground in Sand Dunes, Badminton Court , Musical Chairs, Tug of War as the high dunes gives undisturbed view of sky away from artificial disturbances.

Indoor Sports
Card , Video games, Chess, Carom, Chopper, Housie etc.

Candle Light Dinner
We will be privileged to arrange an out of the world experience while you are in Pushkar. We organize special kind of dinners, theme based party for our esteemed guests and also arrange entertainment filled setting for you. We offer multi cuisine menus be it Continental, Chinese, Indian, Rajasthani (Local), or ala carte.

Camel Safari : (Pushkar sand dune)
Camel Safari in Pushkar Baagh Pushkar is a once in a lifetime experience. Explore the rugged terrain of the great Indian Thar Desert while using camels as your load bearer, the experience can be memorable. The only thing one will have to get used to, while planning a camel safari, is the ungainly movement of the ship of the desert While Riding through sandy landscape, passing through remote villages. The "Aravali Ranges" are the world's oldest mountain ranges augmented with sandy fields, small dunes, beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing sunrise and sunset, sleep under the clear starlit skies. A traveler cannot ask for a better introduction to the stark beauty of this place more famous for its spiritual activities in Pushkar.

Royal Gala dinner (Pushkar)
The valuable customers are welcomed by the villagers, they ride on camel cart with procession having mashals, flags, drums, village girls performing dance in a traditional attire . Then garlanding , memento followed by fabulous dinner. This all happen in natural surroundings of sand dunes with bonfire and fireworks. Every detail is designed to entertain, and there is plenty to get excited about.

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