Ravla Khempur, Udaipur

Few things inspire travel like a good movie and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is no exception. Drawing on themes and locations from this famous British movie, A must do trip to India with a Stay at Ravla Khempur also known as "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" to experience the best of the world Judi Dench and her fellow actors enjoyed.

About Ravla Khempur or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is in fact Ravla Khempur,an old favourite of Travellers from the world and a palace at which you will enjoy two nights. This charming rural heritage haveli now converted into a heritage hotel, with a history dating from the early 17th Century, was once famed for its stud of fine Marwari horses and is still home to dancing stallions which perform, when requested, in front of the magnificent turreted building. An equine theme runs through each of the hotel's 12 en suite bedrooms, while a number of quiet nooks and crannies, including a delightful rooftop terrace, are dotted about the rest of the hotel. The village outside is quiet and picturesque.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is in fact Ravla Khempur-a charming and supremely comfortable historic rural palace hotel dating from the early 17th century.Once famed for its retinue of fine Marwari horses,an equine theme runs through each of the hotel's 12 ensuite bedrooms, complemented by wonderful nooks including a delightful rooftop terrace overlooking the surrounding picturesque village.


Hotel at present has 12 ensuite rooms with attached bathroom with modern fittings and amenities. All rooms have a similar antique interior and furniture date back from 17th Century.
Every room have beatuiful Jharokhas (Balconies) with a beautiful view of surroundings.


Ravla Khempur is a haven for the horse lover, The stables house high pedigree Marwari and Kathiawari horses.The Ravia horses are well trained and guests have the option of exploring khempur's surroundings on horseback. Hement Deval and his father of ravia khempur have been exclusively featured in the Marwari-Legend of the Indian Horse.


The elegant seating areas (baithaks) breath an air of aristocracy. The magnificient interiors, period furniture and subtle decor reflect an era when knights and nobles would have taken such luxury for granted.

  • HORSE Safari (Horse Safari in the tribal areas,and a close view of thier dwelling and culture).
  • Bullock cart ride of Khempur village
  • High tea near the lake (Picnic lunch/tea overlooking the reservoir- one can sight migratory birds here in abundance)
  • Block printing village tour-24 kms 45 mintues
  • Camping near the lake
  • Cycling tour of village
  • Horse dance and Cultural evening
  • "GAVRI" Tribal folk dance
  • Heena and Saree
  • COOKING demos
  • Yoga Camp and Meditation

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RAVLA KHEMPUR has 12 lavishly spacious rooms. Each room and suite at this heritage hotel has been meticulously designed to capture the originality of MEWAR.


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