Thour Nature Resort, Jawai

Thour Nature Resort is one of the few places in Rajasthan that make you familiar with the wildlife and the rich culture of the state. It is located in Jawai, a destination that is meant to amaze every thrill-seeker and nature-lover.

This resort provides Jawai leopard camp along with various other services that you don’t find in similar properties. They give you a chance to see the lifestyle of local tribes closely and allow you to take a leisurely stroll of the sprawling property that is also used for growing organic food that is provided to the guests. Thour has certainly made Jawai leopard safari more distinguished and it is giving a chance to many people to have a safe and thrilling experience of watching wildlife.

Jawai gives an unparalleled experience to all the visitors who wish to explore different sides of Indian wildlife. At this place, you get amazed by seeing the familiarity of leopards with humans. Here, leopards have been cohabiting with the local tribes for years in harmony, and this surprises many of us when we see the big cats roaming the granite rocks completely ignoring your presence. Thour is a Jawai camp resort that gives you a chance to feel the nature at its best. You can see leopards, birds, crocodiles, and many other mammals, reptiles, and insects along with picturesque landscapes that involve hills, plains, and a river.

Once you are done exploring nature, Thour gives you a chance to feel the luxury with the finest glamping tents that are made to enhance the pleasure of living in the wild. They are accoutered with every facility (plush bedding, air conditioners, en suite bathroom) that you can think of and staff here ensures that you have got everything at your beck and call. You can enjoy the authentic Rajasthani food along with some exquisite drinks while sitting in front of the bonfire. When you are staying at this resort, you don’t need to worry about the cost as well, they have different according to the number and nature of your group.


We make sure that you get the best brands of the kind of liquor you want. Be it scotch, whiskey, beer, rum, vodka, or gin, we make everything available in a huge variety so you could please your senses after an arduous day of exploration.


Our chefs ascertain that your palate gets the most delightful experience while savoring your food. We make different cuisines available to you and help you prepare the food as per your preferences.

Safety and Security

With the help of CCTV cameras and armed guards, we secure the premises of our resort in an unmatched manner. The safety of our guests of the highest priority to us and we keep the resort 100% secure at any hour of the day.


We serve home-grown organic food to our guests which is something that many resorts or hotels don’t even try to do. With this, we get one step in ahead in ensuring the sound health of our guests when they are with us.

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